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From Grain to Glass Q & A

Explore Distillery Innovations with Glencairn Crystal. Join Exclusive Q&A Sessions with Distilleries Worldwide. Uncover the Science Behind Their Whisky Creations. Gain Valuable Insights from Whisky Industry Leaders, as They Share Their Distillery Journeys and Explain the Significance of Glencairn Glass in Their Craft.

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Whisky Distillery Map

Scotland’s whisky distilleries are celebrated worldwide, serving as global centers for spirits production. But now, there’s a simpler way to explore.

With our carefully crafted global whisky distillery map, you have an easy-to-navigate resource at your fingertips. Discover distilleries by spirit type, explore locations and regions, and find crucial details like opening times. Glencairn has thoughtfully designed this tool to empower you to plan your visit and delve into the world of spirits beyond whisky.

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Whisky Festivals & Events

Get ready for an incredible year of whisky and spirits events! Our carefully curated calendar features the finest events from around the world. If you don’t see your event listed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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Listen to our informative podcasts celebrating the Glencairn Glass, whisky’s favourite companion. Join us as industry experts and Glencairn Crystal Founder, Raymond Davidson, discuss the glass’s unique features and its role in enhancing the whisky experience. Gain insights from whisky industry pioneers who helped shape the Glencairn Glass. Discover its impact and their personal experiences.

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