The Glencairn Copita

At the International Spirit Challenge, the Chairman of Glencairn Crystal, Raymond Davidson, was approached by Master Blenders with a request to create a premium lead-free crystal glass specifically designed for laboratory analysis.

Glencairn took up the challenge and created the Copita, a whisky-nosing glass that has since become a popular laboratory tool in distilleries worldwide.

The Copita’s design has enhanced tastings and features a tapered shape that captures and focuses all of the drink’s aromas on the nose, allowing for more precise nosing.

The bowl is perfectly formed to allow for easy inspection of the whisky’s body, while the finest crystal material enhances the drink’s colour for the fullest appreciation. Additionally, the glass’s longer stem facilitates easier inspection of the liquid.

Originally created as a sherry glass, the Copita is now a widely used whisky-nosing glass that has become a staple in the industry. Its exceptional design and functionality make it a go-to choice for anyone looking to enjoy the fullest sensory experience when nosing and tasting their favourite whisky.

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How to Use the Glass

DESIGN: Optimised for the laboratory

TAPERING: Captures and focuses all the drinks aromas on the nose.

BOWL: The perfect form to allow the inspection of the body of whisky.

CRYSTAL: Made from the finest crystal to allow the fullest appreciation of the colour.

STEM: A longer stem allows easier inspection of the liquid.