To celebrate Glencairn Glass’s 20th Anniversary, we’re excited to introduce the Glencairn Glassroom. This special series features exclusive Q&A conversations with our innovative distillery customers, sharing insights into their whisky journey, backgrounds, and businesses. Explore the value and significance of Glencairn Glass from the perspective of industry experts. Join us as we go beyond promoting our own products and showcase our customers’ stories.

We’re thrilled to offer our customers a platform to candidly share their unique stories, from the inception of their distilleries to their thoughts on the industry as a whole.

As part of our commitment to support and promote our valued customers, we’re shining a spotlight on US distillers who are trailblazers in their field. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain insights from the best in the business. Join us on this journey and discover the world of whisky through the eyes of our esteemed distillery partners.

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