The Glencairn Mixer

We were approached by The Liquor Control Board of Ontario and The Canadian Whisky Industry to create a glass that could showcase premium Canadian whiskies while leaving enough room for mixers or ice. Collaborating with industry experts and Master Blenders, we introduced The Glencairn Mixer, which became the official choice for the Canadian whisky industry.

Thanks to its versatile design, The Glencairn Mixer has become a popular choice not only for Canadian whiskies but also for other premium spirits and cocktails. The elongated shape of the glass is perfect for mixing drinks with ice, providing an excellent drinking experience.

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How To Use The Glass

LIP: Crafted at the perfect angle for ease of drinking.

TAPERING: Captures and focuses the aromas of the drink.

BOWL: Allows for the addition of the ideal quantity of mixers or ice.

CRYSTAL: Made from the finest crystal to allow the fullest appreciation of drinks’ colour.

BASE: Perfectly weighted to be comfortable in the hand.