The Glencairn Pipette

For years, customers who appreciate a drop of water with their whisky have expressed their desire to have a pipette that matches their Glencairn Glass. In response to this demand, the Glencairn Pipette has been meticulously crafted to complement the Glencairn Glass.

This handblown glass pipette is precisely engineered to be the ideal length for the Glencairn Glass and can hold up to 1ml of water. The pipette is weighted at the top with a stunning miniature Glencairn Glass, designed to be comfortable in the hand, with a precisely engineered control aperture set within a wide bulb at the upper end.

Whether one adds water to whisky or not is a matter of individual preference, but many whisky enthusiasts believe that adding water can enhance the aromas and flavours of the whisky, making it an even more enjoyable experience. The Glencairn Pipette provides better regulation of the amount of water added, ensuring a more controlled and precise addition of water to your whisky.

At Glencairn Crystal, we understand the importance of a whisky water dropper, which is why we have designed a bespoke pipette to suit the needs of whisky lovers who enjoy their whisky with water. Contact us today to experience the perfect addition to your Glencairn Glass.

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How To Use The Glass

DESIGN: Created to perfectly complement The Glencairn Glass

CRAFTED: Shaped and crafted for ease of use.

WEIGHT: Heavy on the top with a small Glencairn Glass to give perfect balance.

PRECISION: Incorporates a precisely engineered aperture for better regulation of water.

FINISH: Mouth blown for the highest quality finish.