A new Scotch whisky glass… which reflects the quality of Scotch and raises its profile

—Campbell Evans
Director of International Affairs
Scotch Whisky Association

—Gable Erenzo
Owner. Distiller. Friend.
Tuthilltown Spirits, USA

If I were a whisky, this glass would be my favourite pair of jeans

Elegant and effective, yet robust and practical. The ideal whisky glass for appreciation and enjoyment.

—Charles MacLean
Writer, Author & Presenter
World Renowned Whisky Expert

—Ian Chang
Master Blender
Kavalan Distillery

The Glencairn glass enables me to taste the richness of life to the fullest!

The Glencairn is the standard in whisky glassware. Just as perfect for the professional as it Is around the campfire.

—Chip Tate
President and Head Distiller
Balcones Distilling

—John Ramsay
Master Blender (Retired)
The Edrington Distillers

A combination of the professional users glass as well as something for the consumer

A whisky glass purposely shaped that allows one to appreciate the aroma and the taste

—Balvenie Malt Master
William Grant & Sons Ltd

—Glencairn Crystal

Whisky is a drink to be savoured. Time spent enjoying the flavours on the nose are equally important as those on the palate.

Like a good whisky, this glass has plenty of character

—Richard Paterson
Master Blender
Whyte & Mackay

—Damien Riley Smith
Whisky Magazine

Simply the best — an outstanding glass for all those who are passionate about flavour!

I hope… it becomes a badge of connoisseurship for fine whiskies in general

—Michael Jackson
Author & Consultant Editor
Whisky Magazine