Glencairn Gin Goblet

At Glencairn, we’re proud of our innovative crystal design and craftsmanship spanning over 40 years. As creators of the Glencairn Glass, the preferred whisky glass worldwide, we were approached by gin enthusiasts and distillers to create a bespoke gin glass.

After researching, we found that many gin fans were already using our Mixer Glass to enjoy their favourite spirit. We worked with bartenders, gin drinkers and distillers to create the Glencairn Gin Goblet. Its unique shape and design enhance the drinking experience, complementing the flavour profiles and botanicals of gin.

You can customise your gin goblet with our personalised engraving service, making it an ideal gift for gin lovers and perfect for gin distilleries worldwide.

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LIP: Is designed with a lip for ease of drinking.

CURVE: Curves in at the top to focus the aroma.

STEM: Incorporates a stem to keep the hand away from warming the gin.

CRYSTAL: Is made from crystal to enhance the clarity of the drink.

WEIGHT: Is the perfect weight in the hand.