Join us at Glencairn Crystal, as we talk our most innovative and trailblazing distillery customers with an exclusive behind-the-scenes Q&A sessions featuring .

Explore the reasons why distilleries worldwide choose to use the Glencairn Glass and learn about the science behind its unique design.

Gain valuable insight into the businesses, backgrounds, and personal experiences of some of the most respected figures in the whisky industry, as they share their whisky journey and Glencairn Glass’s role in it.

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Tune in to our series of insightful and informative podcasts, celebrating the world’s favourite whisky glass, the Glencairn Glass. Discover the unique features of the glass and how it enhances the whisky-drinking experience.

Featuring Glencairn Crystal Founder, Raymond Davidson, as well as renowned and respected names from the whisky industry, some of whom were involved in the early development of the Glencairn Glass. Our guests share their insights on the impact the Glencairn Glass has had on the industry and their personal experiences with this iconic piece of whisky-drinking culture.

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