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Glencairn Crystal is a leading expert in crystal glassware, providing a range of services such as decoration, print, hand engraving, and unique designs for glassware. Their world-class design and packaging teams have worked on some of the most iconic and rare brands in the industry. They can help you select and customise the perfect packaging to reflect your brand, and bring your design ideas to life with photo-realistic mock-ups and 3D representations for their glassware range.

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We have selected distributors and partners who stock the Glencairn Glass to ensure the glass is readily available worldwide. If you reside in a country not listed, you can direct form our factory in Scotland by getting in touch with us.

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Blog & Podcast

Check out our blog to embark on an exciting journey with Glencairn Crystal, spanning 40 years of Scottish whisky and the development of the iconic Glencairn Glass. Learn about the history and unique design of the Glencairn Glass in our Q&A sessions with innovative and trailblazing distillery customers worldwide.

Our podcasts feature Glencairn Crystal Founder Raymond Davidson and renowned figures in the whisky industry, diving deep into the science behind the glass and its impact on the industry.

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