Glencairn Glass Travel Set


Gone are the days of the DIY tupperware and foam travel box… You can now look after your Glencairn Glasses whilst on the go with our Glencairn Glass Travel Case! Made from PU leather, this is a great portable whisky tasting set.

Upgrade to a Cut Glencairn Glass Travel Set for that extra bit of luxury.

Discover the Glencairn range, designed for whisky enthusiasts worldwide. Our award-winning Glencairn Glass is the official glass for whisky, used by master blenders and connoisseurs. Explore our collection, including The Glencairn Mixer, Glencairn Gin Goblet, Glencairn Copita, and exclusive merchandise. Elevate your whisky experience today!

Click here to learn more about the official glass for whisky – the Glencairn Glass.

Weight 0.56 g
Dimensions 85 × 85 × 225 cm
Travel Case

Faux leather
260 x 90mm

Glencairn Glass

Lead free crystal
Dishwasher safe
115 x 67mm

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