The Glencairn Goblet - The Perfect Spritz Glassware

This finely crafted crystal goblet is ideal for those who enjoy a Gin & Tonic or a fruit-filled gin cocktail, making it a must-have for any springtime drinks collection. Its spacious bowl offers plenty of room for ice, garnishes, and a generous serving of your preferred spirits.

Its adaptable design also makes it perfect for spritz-style cocktails like the classic Aperol Spritz. The wide rim of the goblet accommodates large ice cubes typically used in such drinks and provides ample space for bubbles and the infusion of aromatic citrus notes—a vital component of any spritz-style cocktail.

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The Glencairn Mixer - The Perfect Cocktail Glass

Originally designed for the Canadian whisky industry who like their drinks on the rocks, the Glencairn Mixer has evolved into Glencairn’s most versatile glass yet. Perfect for spring-inspired spritz cocktails, negronis, or sours, it’s the go-to choice for mixing up refreshing beverages this season. Just take a cue from Onthesuaceagain , who whipped up a delightful spring negroni using this very glass. So, whether you’re enjoying drinks in the garden or hosting a cozy gathering indoors, the Glencairn Mixer is your trusted companion for all your springtime libations.

You can find the link to Inka’s special spring negroni here or you can follow the recipe bellow:

25ml The Botanist, 25 Mulassano Vermouth, 25ml Select Aperitivo, 10ml Strega, 22.5ml Blood orange, 7.5ml lemon, egg white

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