Introducing The Glencairn Mixer

Watch our new video featuring The Glencairn Mixer, a versatile crystal glass perfect for enjoying a variety of spirits.

Why was The Glencairn Mixer created?

The Glencairn Mixer is an adaptation of the original Glencairn Glass, designed to highlight premium Canadian whiskies while allowing space for mixers and ice. Over time, it has become a popular choice not only for whiskey but also for gin enthusiasts and cocktail fans.


Are you a whisky enthusiast who loves experimenting with cocktails? Or perhaps you're a gin drinker in search of the perfect glass?

While the Glencairn Mixer Glass was originally created for Canadian whisky enthusiasts, its versatility extends beyond whisky. For example, with gin, this glass is perfect for showcasing the botanical aromas and flavours of your favourite gin cocktails.

Whether you’re mixing up a classic Negroni, a refreshing Gin and Tonic, or experimenting with your own creations, the Glencairn Mixer Glass enhances the visual appeal and taste of your cocktails. Its size and shape make it perfect for Negronis, whisky sours, or spritz-based cocktails.

What makes the glencairn mixer glass so special?

The Glencairn Mixer Glass stands out for several key features. Its lip design, slightly flared and rounded, is engineered for smooth sipping, ensuring that every drop of whisky or cocktail hits your palate just right. Additionally, the tapering mouth of the glass plays a crucial role in capturing and concentrating the drink’s aromas, allowing for a fuller appreciation of its complex flavours.

The glass’s wide bowl sets it apart from traditional whisky glasses and is actually an adaptation of the classic Glencairn glass. This design provides ample space for ice cubes or mixers. This versatility means you can enjoy your drink neat, on the rocks, or with a mixer, all without compromising on flavour or presentation. Crafted with ergonomics in mind, the Glencairn Mixer Glass feels perfectly weighted and balanced in your hand, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable drinking experience, whether you’re leisurely sipping whisky or shaking up a cocktail.

Additionally, the Glencairn Mixer is available in cut crystal, offering an ultra-premium version of the original design.

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