Christmas Gifts Under £25 

The Perfect Glencairn Glass Gifts for Whisky Fans and Beyond

We’ve curated a list of fantastic Christmas gifts, all under £25, to make your holiday shopping a breeze. From stylish glassware to unique accessories and more, our selection ensures that you can find the perfect gift without breaking the bank.

The Glencairn Glass Gift set of 2

This Christmas, why not delight your loved ones with The Glencairn Glass Gift Set of 2, priced at a mere £16 and presented in a stylish black gift box, adding an elegant touch to their festive celebrations? For under £20, it’s the ideal whisky glass gift set.

PRICE – £16

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Glencairn Mixer Gift Set of 2

This festive season, elevate your loved ones’ Christmas gin experience with the Glencairn Mixer Set of 2, available for just £18. Presented in an elegant black gift box, it’s the perfect addition to their yuletide merriment. For under £20, this mixer set adds a touch of sophistication to their holiday gin cocktails.

PRICE – £18

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Coloured Glencairn Glass set of 2

This Christmas, add a dash of festive flair to your gift-giving with the Glencairn Coloured Set of 2, available in a range of vibrant hues, including green, gold, white, black, red, and blue. Priced at just £24, this stylish set, nestled in a sleek black gift box, makes for a delightful present that brings a touch of colour to their holiday celebrations—Christmas presents under £25.

PRICE – £24

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Glencairn Glass Merchandise

Explore our Glencairn Clothing Range this Christmas, featuring a stylish T-shirt with the “I love whisky” logo for £20, a baseball cap also priced at £20, and a smart Polo Shirt available at £25. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for great gifts, our merchandise section has a range of Glencairn Glass items for the whisky lover in your life.

PRICE – £20/25

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Glencairn Glass Wee Jug Gift Set

Allow us to introduce the Glencairn Glass Wee Jug Set, the perfect addition to your festive celebrations, priced at just £24. This set includes a classic Glencairn glass and a charming wee jug, both elegantly presented in a beautiful black satin gift box, providing a complete whisky experience in one package. It’s the ideal choice for whisky enthusiasts this Christmas, all under £25.

PRICE – £24

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Glencairn Accessories

Elevate your Christmas whisky experience with Glencairn Accessories. The Glencairn Pipette at £10 ensures precise pours, while Water Jugs, starting at £18, add elegance to your presentation. Tasting Caps at £3 capture holiday aromas, and Glencairn Lanyards for £5 or the charming Glencairn Keyring at £3.50 make perfect stocking fillers under £5. These accessories are essential for any whisky enthusiast’s Christmas wishlist.

PRICE – £3.50/£18

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Couriers are expecting increased volumes over the Christmas period, please allow extra time to ensure your order will arrive in time for Christmas.

With this in mind, we have set the following dates:

International Personalised Orders – 4th December
UK Personalisation Orders – 11th December
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UK Blank Orders – 17th December