Celebrating 20 years of The Glencairn Glass


A series of insightful and informative podcasts to celebrate 20 years of The Glencairn Glass—the world’s favourite whisky glass


 A compilation of behind-the-scenes Q&A conversations with some of our most innovative and trailblazing distilleries, talking about their businesses, backgrounds and personal insight into their whisky journey.

Glencairn Fun Facts

The Glencairn Glass celebrates its 20th Birthday this year, here are some fun facts and figures to celebrate its success

Science Behind The Glass

Glencairn Crystal Studio is responsible for the design and creation of the famous Glencairn Glass – the official glass for whisky.


Congratulations to Francine Toom for winning the @BloodyScotland 2020 McIlvanney Prize with Pine!
#glencairnglass #bloodyscotland

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Congratulations to Deborah Masson for winning the @BloodyScotland Debut Prize with Hold Your Tongue!
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Episode 2 of the 'Double Scotch podcast is now live!

'Double Scotch' is a podcast series launched by @thebiglight_ with the Glencairn Glass as the Glassware sponsor.

To listen to Episode 2 with Special Guest @revrichardcoles click the link in our bio.
#glencairnglass #TheBigLight #DoubleScotch

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Congratulations to @richard.paterson who celebrates his 50th anniversary at @whyte.mackay this week.

Richard was one of the 5 Master Blenders involved in the creation of our Glencairn Glass which celebrates it's 20th anniversary this year!
#glencairnglass #TheNose #Dalmore #WhyteMackay

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Copita, Glencairn Glass or Mixer? What one do you use to drink whisky?

Browse all of our whisky glassware by clicking the link in our bio.
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The Glencairn Glassroom

'Glencairn just showcases Quality' - Nick Nagele, @whiskeyacres Distillery.

Click the link in our bio for our latest Glassroom blog.
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This amazing shot from @whiskywithaview makes it into the entries for this months ‘Be There’ competition.

Every month we will pick one winner to receive a Glencairn Presentation Set. To be in with a chance, all you need to do is tag us in your Glencairn Glass pics using #GlencairnMoments

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The first Episode of @thebiglight_ 'Double Scotch' podcast is live! We are thrilled to be the glassware sponsor of the show.

Episode 1 features special guest @kttunstall.

Click the link in our bio to listen.
#glencairnglass #DoubleScotch #TheBigLight

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The Cut Glencairn Glass.

A premium version of our original Glencairn Glass made from hand cut crystal. Now back in stock.

Click the link in our bio to view the Glencairn range.

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The Glencairn Podglass

Episode 13 is now live! The guest on this week’s podcast is Annabel Meikle, Director of the Keepers of the Quaich.

To listen to Episode 13, click the link in our bio.
#glencairnglass #Podglass

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A new month and a new chance for our followers to win a Glencairn Glass presentation set. Starting with this shot from @todowhisky.

Remember to tag us in your Glencairn Glass photos using #GlencairnMoments to be in with a chance of winning.

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This Snow Queen Enigma edition was developed to house the ultra-premium floral flavoured vodka. The bottle is blue and cut with square faces to resemble glacier ice, with frosted illustrations.

To find out more, click the link in our bio.

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