Celebrating 20 years of The Glencairn Glass


A series of insightful and informative podcasts to celebrate 20 years of The Glencairn Glass—the world’s favourite whisky glass


 A compilation of behind-the-scenes Q&A conversations with some of our most innovative and trailblazing distilleries, talking about their businesses, backgrounds and personal insight into their whisky journey.

Glencairn Fun Facts

The Glencairn Glass celebrates its 20th Birthday this year, here are some fun facts and figures to celebrate its success

Science Behind The Glass

Glencairn Crystal Studio is responsible for the design and creation of the famous Glencairn Glass – the official glass for whisky.


The Glencairn Glassroom.

'I recognized that I couldn’t get the aromas & flavors from any other glass.' - Jason Parker of Copperworks Distilling & Tasting Room

Read the full Q&A by clicking the link in our bio.
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The Glencairn ‘Podglass’

Find out what Charlie Maclean had to say about the future of whisky and more in Episode 9 of our podcast.

Link in bio.
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Tomorrow, Wednesday 8th of July, 7pm EDT.

Join @themacallancameron on Instagram Live as he chats with Glencairns @danceswithwools about whisky and the 20th Anniversary of it’s most famous Glass, The Glencairn Glass.
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The first entry for this months ‘Be There’ competition is @janoes81.

To have a chance of being entered to win our Glencairn Glass presentation set, tag us in your Glencairn photos using #GlencairnMoments.
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Happy 4th of July to all our American followers!
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Whether it’s a gift or for yourself we have glasses for all drinks.

You can also take advantage of our engraving service to personalise your glassware.

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The Glencairn Glassroom

This weeks Glassroom Q&A blog features @blaumbros.

Click the link in our bio to read.

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The Glencairn ‘Podglass’

Episode 8 and part 1 of our Interview with Scotland’s Leading Whisky Expert Charlie Maclean is now live.

Click the link in our bio to listen.
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The final entry to this months ‘Be There’ competition is @orvargrindefors.

Keep an eye on our stories during the week to help us pick this months winner.
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Glenfarclas has released it’s 63 Year Old Pagoda Sapphire Reserve in exquisite jewel encrusted Glencairn Crystal Decanters.
Read more about the Pagoda series by clicking the link in our bio.
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The Glencairn Glassroom

Every week we will be posting a blog Q&A with some our Distillery customers.
Click the link in our bio to read this weeks Q&A with @wigglybridgedistillery
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The @bloodyscotland prize lists for the Debut Scottish Crime Book of the Year and the McIlvanney Prize have been announced.

This year, both prizes are sponsored by The Glencairn Glass.
See the prize lists by clicking the link in our bio.
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